Indications for Use:
For fast relief of teething pain, swelling gums, delayed teething, low grade fever, restlessness, heavy salivation, irritability, and the desire to be held constantly.

Remarks: Can help teeth grow straighter. Can help adults with teeth problems.

Complementary formulas: Constitutional Enhancer Children's Fever Reliever Teeth & Gums Formula Children's Growth & Development Colic Relief Calcium Metabolizer

Teething Ingredients: Agaricus Muscarius Belladonna Calcarea Carbonica Calcarea Phosphorica Chamomilla Ferrum Phosphoricum Kreosotum Zincum Metallicum - Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10x, 30x, and 100x potencies in pure water base.

Teething 252-18$20.00
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