Do you suffer from....

  • Herniated Discs
  • Bulging Discs
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spinal Arthritis
  • Acute or Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease

    You may want to consider a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for neck or back pain that is experiencing a success rate of almost 86%
    What is Spinal Disc Decompression?
    Spinal Disc Decompression is a highly precise computer applied regimen which utilizes a treatment to manipulate and mobilize specific spinal segments. The treatment is able to achieve several objectives.
    First, unloading compressed spinal segment(s) helps to reduce built-up pressure on the affected disc. The treatment is performed while you rest in a comfortable and soothing manner. The treatment is designed to correct the underlying problem, not just treat the symptoms.
    What Results Can I Expect?
  • Pain relief, even after a few sessions
  • Shrinkage of disc herniation or disc bulge
  • Fewer incidents of back pain and debilitation
  • Return to active lifestyle
  • Increased mobilization

    Three Phases of Care
    Phase I is Pain Relief As a general rule, most people experience significant changes in symptoms in the first three to eight Spinal Disc Decompression procedures. Occasionally, more advanced degenerative conditions or multiple levels of herniation may take 10 - 15 sessions before realizing a major decline in symptoms. Relief response varies according to age, body morphology and degree of severity.

    Phase 2 is Correction As strength is regained in the lumbar spine, circulation is restored to the damaged disc, and the healing begins. Correction implies that the process that leads to the painful episode has been slowed, stopped or reversed.

    Phase 3 is Strengthening Kinetic activity is reintroduced at this time to help strengthen joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments to help regain back strength and restore lost lumbar stability.

    Spinal Disc Decompression is a SAFE and PAINLESS treatment designed to correct the cause of neck or back pain and sciatica.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Does it hurt? No, as a matter of fact the treatment is very comfortable and relaxing.

    How many treatments are required? You will most likely require 20-30 procedure sessions to regain functional capacity, restore the spinal motion dynamics and decompress affected nerves.

    How long does each treatment take? Each hour long visit follows a simple protocol. We request that you kindly arrive 10 minutes early to complete a visual pain analog and prepare for your procedure.

    What does a Spinal Disc Decompression treatment consist of? Unless otherwise prescribed, the SDD procedure is 30 cycles of decompression of approximately 30 minutes. You are welcome to bring your favorite CD to enjoy while relaxing on the table, or choose from our audio library. During each procedure, you will be fitted with a pelvic harness and a chest vest for lumbar treatments. While you are comfortably positioned on your back, a knee wedge will support your legs. The table slowly and gently separates to relieve pressure that pinches the nerves. This allows for vital circulation to be restored to the damaged, painful areas of the lower back. This stimulates your body’s natural healing process.

    Can it be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment? Yes, Spinal Disc Decompression is often used with other forms of therapy. Often times we will incorporate cold laser therapy, Interferential muscle stim and/ or cold packs. All of these procedures are designed to treat, correct and relieve pain and are very effective. These treatments are complementary and can be used with Spinal Disc Decompression to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.