Feeling Good and Being Healthy Are Within Your Reach.....

A Comphrehensive Test-Based Nutritional Analysis will help you achieve optimal health!

Many problems show up in the blood long before you are actually ill.

Certain tests, when read properly, will indicate that you are progressing toward a serious illness.

Provides answers on how to accomplish wellness and promote longevity....

This complete nutritional test-based analytical profile will let you know:

  • How healthy you really are
  • What diseases you may have
  • What problems may be beginning
  • What vitamins and nutrients you really need
  • A full 20-25 page report that details all aspects of your body's metabolism and function.
  • You will learn just what you need in order to have Optimal Health!

    The Science Base Nutrition Program takes the guesswork out of planning for your health and wellness. In the past, most nutrition, drug or supplement programs were based on what you felt or what was presented to your physician rather than your body chemistry.

    With this new revolutionary Science Based Nutrition Program, we arrive at a customized plan based on a series of tests. Many problems will show up in a blood test or other testing long before they become serious. Even though one isolated phase of a blood test is within the normal range, it still could be an indication of concern. By using a comprehensive panel of over 50 tests, we are able to look at the body as a whole and not just one fragment.

    We will provide a detailed report explaining what the tests mean, all the nutrients, vitamins, dietary requirements and other changes necessary to optimize the test results and make you healthier!

    Starting with a blood test, we do an in-depth analysis of your entire system. We define the problem areas and carefully note major and minor conditions that may lead to serious illness.

    Each individualized case may call for specialized testing, such as tissue mineral analysis, urinalysis, food allergy and other testing in order to determine exactly where there may be problem areas.

    The reason why this program is so successful is that we do follow-up retesting to determine your progress. Once we provide you with the comprehensive report and you follow it exactly as it is recommended, significant changes are almost always the end results. Your progress is documented in the follow-up retesting and you will actually see the progress made.

    This program works because it is based on testing not guesswork. It is being utilized by SBN physicians all over the country with a comprehensive data base of findings and recommendations. It works because the program looks at all aspects of the body not just one isolated test. It works because we can actually measure your progress. Of course, like anything else, it only works if you follow the program.

    For additional information please e-mail us at ausmed@aol.com or call us at 1-800-382-0300

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