Chiropractic Information

Every chiropractic patients first visit begins with a consultation to determine your problem and specific individual need.

EXAM Once a complete history of the patient is gathered a thorough examination is performed. The Physical Exam varies among individual patients. Typically, function of your joints, muscles and nerves are assessed. Focused orthopedic testing is also implemented. If needed, further specialized testing of X-Rays or MRI are performed.

DISCUSSION OF FINDINGS After the history, physical exam and specialized testing are completed, the chiropractic physician will review the findings with you. Your doctor will explain to you the details of your condition. Possible causes and treatments are described. When appropriate, referral to another physician is utilized. If you have any questions about your care, please feel free to ask us at any time.

TREATMENT A chiropractic physician addresses the muscloskeletal system. The soft tissue or muscular components are "loosened or relaxed." A chiropractic manipulation of adjustment applies a gentle force to the spine to restore lost motion. Treatment usually will last from 20 to 40 minutes. The amount of treatments necessary to restore and stabilize function varies between each individual case. A sprained muscle could respond in as few as 3 treatments, whereas a severe whiplash patient might require up to 40 treatments. Assessment of your progress is an ongoing process. Re-evaluation of function is performed after the first few visits.

MODALITIES A wide vaiety of therapeutic modalities can be utilized in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation.

X-RAY & LABORATORY SERVICES X-rays are taken on an individual and only if needed basis. The doctor will access the condition and decide if x-rays are needed for diagnosing. X-ray films are sent out for a radiologist to view and interpret. Your concern or chief complaint may require laboratory testing such as blood tests for infection, thyroid, CBC, Chem Screen, food allergies, urine testing, hair analysis, etc. Testing is done on site and sent out for a report and interpretation.

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