What Causes Wrinkles? The exact cause of facial wrinkles is not yet fully understood. There are many known factors which contribute to wrinkling and we believe it is a combination of these factors which determine the exact degree and kind of wrinkling each individual will experience. Some of the major contributing factors include: Poor Nutrition Mental and emotional stress Age Glandular disturbance Side effects from medication Imnproper use of cosmetics and skin care products Over exposure to the sun and wind Heredity Chemical and dirt in the air Fatigue Irreversible skin damage (as a result of frost bite, ultraviolet or X-Rays)

How Does Acupuncture Work To Eliminate Facial Lines and Wrinkles? The treatment consists of stimulating certain reflex points on the body, neck and face that, in turn, tonify and energize the skin's underlying tissue. The circulation is also enhanced and this is probably another contributing factor.

What Is The Difference Between An Acupuncture Face Lift Tonification Program and a Surgical Face Lift?
It is difficult to compare the two because they are so different. The surgical approach is largely a structural approach which tightens the skin much like a tailor takes in or tightens the waist on a pair of trousers. Through the acupuncture method, the skin's underlying tissues are tonified and energized so they naturally tighten themselves. Also, through the use of facial treatments and manipulations, various facial conditions can be improved.

Why Are Synergie Facial Treatments Included?
The Synergie Facial treatments are beneficial because they help: To cleanse the skin To increase circulation To activate glandular activity To relax the nerves To maintain muscle tone To strengthen weak muscle tissue To correct skin disorders To help prevent the formation of wrinkles and aging lines To soften and improve skin texture and complexion.

What Advantages Does An Acupuncture Face Lift Have Over A Surgical Face Lift?

  • No surgical risk
  • No danger of infection
  • No recovery period
  • Painless No hospitalization
  • No time off work
  • Safe alternative for those who cannot have a surgical lift
  • Prevents as well as corrects wrinkles

    What Are The Disadvantages Of An Acupuncture Face Lift As Compared to A Surgical Face Lift?
    Acupuncture Face Lifts do not work for everybody Acupuncture face lifts do not produce as dramatic a change as surgical lifts Acupuncture face lifts tend to reduce or diminish wrinkles and not completely eliminate them Acupuncture face lifts are not effective on severely damaged skin.

    Do Acupuncture Face Lift Treatments Hurt At All?
    Not at all, in fact, many patients fall asleep while receiving their treatments.

    How Long Does It Take to Receive a Treatments?
    Each visit will require 50-60 minutes for both the Acupuncture facial and the Synergie facial.

    How Many Treatments Are Required?
    We recommend a series of 10 treatments over a 4 to 6 week period. Persons not prepared to go ahead with the initial 10 treatments are not encouraged to begin the program.

    Why Do We recommend 10 Treatments?
    Experience has shown that 10 treatments is a good starting program.Occasionally people who are slow responders may need a few additional treatments.

    Can't I Just Take A Few Treatments and See How I Get Along?
    Yes, but we do not recommend it because the first few treatments are not always a good indication of the eventual outcome. Our experience indicates that treatments have a cumulative effect.

    How many Treatments A Week Do You Recommend?
    We usually recommend treatments twice a week.

    Do You Accept Everybody for Treatments?
    No, we do not accept everybody. Our experience has shown that a few people will not respond to the acupuncture treatments. That is why we do a consultation and a trail treatment program. Should you fail to respond to the rest treatments, or if you have unrealistic expectations about the results, then you will not be encourgaed to go ahead with treatment.

    What Happens During This "Trial Treatment"?
    Most people will respond to the "trial treatment" in one of three ways: GOOD, FAIR OR NOT AT ALL. A good response occurs when the person exhibits a strong reaction to the treatment. We look for a slight reddening or puffiness as well as a slight softening of lines and wrinkles. A very mild tingling or tightening sensation is another good indicator which some persons experience. The test treatment responses take a different form with different people.

    What Does It Mean If I Have A Good Or Fair Response to the "Trial Treatment"?
    A GOOD OR FAIR response to treatment means that we can accept you as a patient.

    What Kind of Results Can I Expect From the Treatments?
    It is impossible to predict how many individuals will respond to treatment. It has been our experience that the stronger the response to the "trial treatment" the more likely you are to be fully satisfied with the overall program. Experience has shown there are some factors which can be detrimental to good results. The following factors could prevent you from responding as well as you otherwise might: Fatigue

  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  • Use of Drugs
  • Age
  • Physical and Emotional stress
  • Poor Skin care
  • Excessive smoking
  • Hereditary factors
  • Glandular Malfunctions

    Does Increased Age Affect Results?
    We will treat a couple of areas on your face with the acupuncture method to see if you respond to the treatment.